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Calling issues with H323 and CUBE

OK, this is starting to give me a headache. I had to rebuild my CUCM 7 at home because of a harddrive failure on my VM. Calls come in from my SIP trunk provider to my CUBE, then get sent via H323 to CUCM 7. Outgoing calls work just fine. But, incoming calls fail. When i call the hous from my cell, the house phone picks up, but my cell phone is still ringing. The house phone just has dead air and then eventually a fast busy. What can I check? Any help is appreciated.


Cisco Employee

Calling issues with H323 and CUBE

we need to check the call manager traces for this type of issue to verify what happen the home phone answer and if call manager is connecting the call or not.

most likey, h245 TCS issue.

check if on the h323 gateway config on call manager, you have 'wait for far end h245 message' option check or not.

if it is check, uncheck it and make another test call.


Vipul Jindal

Calling issues with H323 and CUBE

Community Member

Calling issues with H323 and CUBE

Sorry about the late response people. I figured it out five minutes after I submitted this question and got busy. I was doing the right steps, but never hitting the "reset" button, so the changes never took place. Thanks for the pointers though!

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