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Calling line ID of Caller when the line is forwarded to Cell phone

UCM version 6.1, PRI coming in on an MGCP Gateway. The user call forwards their line to this cell phone and when the call from their desk comes to their cell phone it has the calling line ID of the office and not the caller. Is there a way to configure that for call forwared calls only

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Re: Calling line ID of Caller when the line is forwarded to Cell

Hi, for calls coming from the PSTN i am pretty sure this is not possible, for this to work the PRI provider would have to allow a number that is not in the DDI range to be presented as the CLI. I think this is illegal as you are esentially spoofing a number out of your PRI circuit. If the call is coming from an internal call then this should work by default as the default is to display the originator as the CLI, which would be the Internal Phone that called you. If the Provider detects a call coming from a CLI that is not part of the DDI range they replace the CLI with that of the main pilot number of the PRI circuit.

Hope this makes sense.

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