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calling name display with hunt pilot

CCM4.23.For some reason, we are not able to see the calling name when calls are sent from hunt pilot. The Calling Name Presentation and Connected Line ID Presentation are configured as default. I am assuming default means it will present the name. Do I have to change it to allow?


Re: calling name display with hunt pilot

It is not possible to display a name for the calls made to the pilot point number. What you can do is display a specific number so that the members of the hunt group will know when they are receiving a call through the hunt pilot.

You can try this method to provide the caller name . create a CTI route points previous to passing the call to the Hunt Pilot.

For example, let's say currently a translation pattern calls Hunt Pilot 8000 for Marketing Program X, and another translation pattern calls Hunt Pilot 9000 for Marketing Program Y. l create two new CTI route points MP_X_CTI and MP_Y_CTI for example, paying attention to the following configuration:

- Calling Search Space that allows it to call the Hunt Pilot

lalso add a line to it, for example 8999 for X and 9999 for Y. Important configuration:

-Partition that allows the translation pattern to call it.

-Forward All: pointing to the Hunt Pilot

-Alerting Name: Marketing Program X / Y respectively

Finally point the translation patterns that were redirecting calls to the specific Hunt Pilots to point to the Specific CTI route point Directory numbers. The name shown on the phone should now be the Alerting name which you have configured on the CTI route


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