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calling name presentation cucm


I have a problem with calling name presentation when a call is transfered from one of my secretaries to another internal user, the original Called Party details are shown on the recieving phone.

This is the secretaries query :- "If I picked up an external call that has bounced from my Manager cathy's phone and the caller requests to speak to someone else (i.e. Jim) as Cathy is unavailable, when I call Jim's extension (without ending my external call) it tells Jim that it is Cathy calling him and not me calling".

So the wrong calling party name is shown (the original called party, rather than the transferor) ?





Hi Paul,Can you give a try

Hi Paul,

Can you give a try for below settings:

When a call routes through a translation or route pattern, routes to a Call Forward All or Call Forward Busy destination, or gets redirected through a call transfer or CTI application, the connected number display updates to show the modified number or redirected number.

To turn off phone display updates so that the phone displays only the dialed digits, set the Cisco CallManager service parameter "Always Display Original Dialed Number" to true. When this service parameter specifies true, the originating phone displays only the dialed digits for the duration of the call.

You can choose if the name for the original dialed number or the number after translation is displayed using the Cisco CallManager service parameter called "Name Display for Original Dialed Number When Translated". The default setting displays the name for the original dialed number before translation. This parameter is not applicable if the "Always Display Original Dialed Number" service parameter is set to false.




Nishant Savalia

Regards, Nishant Savalia
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Hi NishantI'm going to set

Hi Nishant

I'm going to set the service parameter "name display for original dialed number when translated" this evening and will test it tomorrow. Thanks for the response


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