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Calling Number Transformation Pattern | Display Name

The display/alerting name of the Calling Number is not showing on remote devices when using Calling Number Transformation Pattern at the remote site.

I assume if there is a DN within the CUCM system corresponding to the Calling Number,e.g. \+61295551111, then the Display/Alerting name of that DN

should show up on the remote phone ?

Test Scenario:

  1. Both the calling and called number reside on the same CUCM Cluster at two different sites

    IP WAN 4-digit dialing is possible between sites, however this scenario is specifically for testing Calling Number Transformation patterns inbound from the PSTN
  2. Calls arrive via the PSTN at the remote H323 gateway, the Calling Number Transformation Pattern on the remote H323 gateway Device Pool modifies the Calling Number to display E164 format e.g. +61295551111. This calling number is presented on the remote phone

  3. The remote phone is not showing the Display/Alerting name. It displays “Unknown Number (+61295551111)” even though there is a phone within the system with a DN of “\+61295551111” (Cisco IP Communicator)
  4. The calling Number transformation Pattern was altered to show a 4-digit extension, and tested again, the remote phone device displays “Unknown Number (1111)” even though there is phone within the CUCM system with a DN of “1111”.

Is my assumption wrong that the Display/Alerting name should show on the remote phone? or am I missing someting?

Any help is much appreciated.


Cisco Employee

Re:Calling Number Transformation Pattern | Display Name

What you're trying to do, is not supported by Cucm.

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