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Calling party display name

I'm running CUCM 6.X with Cisco 28XX h323 gateways for external communication.

When I dial an external number from the Cisco IP phone, on the phone it displays it's line display name and the diled number. This behavior is not seen in all route patterns, but some of the route patterns.

Any ideas?

Cisco Employee

Re: Calling party display name

Hello Upul,

If you are running Q.931 with provider/peer, Display Name is delivered in DISPLAY IE.

First of all you need to check if DISPLAY IE is sent from other side to you.

You can do this by looking into 'debug isdn q931' output.

If it's delivered, then by default GW will send this to CUCM in H225 Facility message which CUCM does not support.

To eliminate this problem you need to have the following command on your GW:

voice service voip


  h225 display-ie ccm-compatible

It also might be configured under the voice-class config section.

This will make GW sending additionally H225 Notify message with DISPLAY IE which CUCM will understand.

If you are running QSIG with your provider/peer, it's not possible to deliver CLIP/COLP in QSIG-H323-CUCM design.

CUCM and IOS uses different containers to transport QSIG messages and there is no interoperability between IOS and CUCM if you are running QSIG over H323.

The only possible solution here would be MGCP for that GW.

Hope this help.

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