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Calling Party Number - CLI


In need of some help.

Trying to enable outbound CLI by setting the Calling Party Transformations options in CUCM.

CUCM version:   Configured with two MGCP Gateways.

The carrier has now informed me that they are completely transparent on their side and that I need to set the presentation indicator and the number type should be set to either NATIONAL or INTERNATIONAL.

The only option I have found that works is by changing the Calling Party Numbering Plan to National and then a number shows but it is only part of the number.  The last 2 digits (to display the extension are missing).


I have now concluded this must be coming from the carrier because if I remove all reference to the trasnformation mask it still shows.


My questions are:

How do I resolve this?  I have tried all combinations: National, International and Call Manager but nothing seems to work.

Why when I set the gateway circuits to restricted but the route pattern numbering plan to national does the number show?  Surely gateway should have priority.


I appreciate I am a bit all over the place with my description, but if anyone has any knowledge on this it would be most appreciated.


Attached is the settings in CUCM and the gateway output.








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Screenshot of CUCM

Screenshot of CUCM

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Thanks for the info.  We

Thanks for the info.  We receive all digits and send all digits, this is for a European site.

Baffling to say the least and Cisco's documentation on this is far from helpful :)


That does sound odd. Which

That does sound odd. Which country are the gateways in?

Do you need to use MGCP? - if not you could try changing the gateways to H.323 and doing the plan/type manipulation using IOS voice translation rules rather than CUCM Transformations.


This would at least give you more scope to easily test different settings.

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Hi, Yes we use MGCP as



Yes we use MGCP as standard and plan to keep it that way.

I've been researching this and many others have the same issue but not many seem to post a solution :)


There is Calling Party transformation settings on DN, RP, RL and Gateway but nobody seems to know what needs to be changed!



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Hi, have you tried to change



have you tried to change the Calling Party Transform Mask setting on Route List? I think you have to insert something like: 0207234XXXX

The X should be replaced by the Directory Number configured on your Phones.






Hi.As correctly suggested by


As correctly suggested by James (+5 J) , please activate a debug isdn q931 on the voice gateway and post the output so we can suggest the correct setting on CUCM








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I am based in the UK and what

I am based in the UK and what works for me here is to send the carrier the same number of digits for the calling number on outbound calls as they send me on inbound calls for called number.


For example if I use four digits extension numbers my phone could have the setting below:

Directory Number 1000

DID Number           02072341000


The provider sends me the last six digits of the DID - 341000

The gateway only uses the last four digits when passing inbound calls to CUCM - 1000 - which works fine.


By default outbound calls would have a calling number of 1000 which the provider would not like so I would use a Calling Party Transformation to prefix 34 to the calling number to give 341000


In my experience the plan and type are not as important as setting the right number of digits - they seem to work fine if set to unknown.


Using debug isdn q931 on the gateway is useful for seeing what numbers are be exchanged with the carrier





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