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New Member

Calling Problems

Hello all,

I'm having a strange problem with a new Callmanager 4.2(3) system i've just installed.

We have an intercluster trunk setup between callmanagers, both CCM versions are 4.2(3). We can receive inbound calls no problem whatsoever. When dialing outbound, after the last digit is pressed, we receive a message that says "your call cannot be completed as dialed, please consult your directory and call again etc..".

To me, this sounds like a CSS / partition problem, but i've checked it over and everything seems ok.

Someone suggested that it may be a firewall problem. That a port may be blocked outbound, or inbound on a firewall between the two CCM systems.

Anyone have any insight with problems like this ? What ports need to be open on firewalls for call setup ? I thought only ports 1720, and 2000 needed to be opened. Are there any UDP ports that need to be opened ?

Thanks again for any help in advance.


New Member

Re: Calling Problems

Any help would be appreciated :)



Re: Calling Problems

CCM Port usage :

I posted this as an answer to a same question as yours, maybe it s helpful for you:

First you need to set up a route pattern to your remote site. Let s say your DNs are 7xxx and your remote site is using 6xxx.

set up a route pattern 6xxx and select the trunk Route List in it.

1- Include the Partition of your Route pattern (6xxx) in the CSS of your phones.

2- See if there is any pre dot or anything related in your Route pattern

3- Ensure that the route list on your RP is correct (ie Trunk Route List)

4- on your remote trunk-> Inbound call -> CSS

check if this css include the Partition of your phones.

if all this doesnt help. use Dialed Number Analyzer (https://ip/dna) select trunk and see what the results are. Activate Traces on both callmanager (SDI, SDL). Use a sniffer on your phone and see if he is sending packets to your remote CCM.


Zin Elabidine Karzazi

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