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Callmanager 4.1 to 61 With Hardware replacement Need Suggestion...

I'm going to be upgrading my CCM 4.1 system to 6.1 soon…

I also want to replace the hardware on my Publisher only.

So I have installed 6.1 on the New publisher as a new node to play around, I have my license file installed.

My plan is to Run the Final DMA export a week before the actual move then reload the new CCM pub as an upgrade…

I have three other subs in the cluster...

My question is as follows, when loading the CCM Pub should I load the box with the same ip address and host name

Or use a different IP and hostname…

The pros on changing the name & IP, is that I can load the CCM pub during the weekday with the upgraded data,

I can make sure everything is 100% working before I down the production pub & then the 4.1 subs.

Two of the pubs are in a city 60 Miles to the north and I will need to drive to them to load them up.

They are not in production so I can load these whenever…

The cons to changing the ip address is that I will need to update my voice gateways to point to the new CCM PUB for its config…

If I use the same IP address and hostname, I may still choose to load the DMA data a week ahead and just not put the box on the network until the move…

One last gotcha… Im running DHCP on the PUB for my phones… Now I know CCM will not move the DHCP at all…

Or do I take a bit of a risk and do a DMA export the night before the upgrade and then just upgrade the new PUB with the same IP & Hostname as if it were a "normal" upgrade?

Any one have any suggestions on this?

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Re: Callmanager 4.1 to 61 With Hardware replacement Need Suggest

you can change both IP and hostname during restore. your choice.

if you can just create the new cluster on a separate network and just plug them when needed that's the easiest way.



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Re: Callmanager 4.1 to 61 With Hardware replacement Need Suggest

Hi Jeff,

Just to add a note to the good tips from Java (+5 points Java :)I like the idea of doing this ahead of time on a different network for sure.

One note of caution....Sadly you will need to re-build the new 1st node/Publisher box choosing the Windows migration option when you want to use the DMA .tar file, as this Step is done on the build of the first Node:(

Import Windows Data

This option allows you to import database information from a Cisco Unified Communications Manager 4.x system by using a file that the Data Migration Assistant (DMA) tool produces.

Upgrading the First Cisco Unified Communications Manager Node

When you choose Windows Upgrade, the installation wizard prompts you for the location of the preexisting Windows configuration information that the Data Migration Assistant (DMA) tool created. See the Data Migration Assistant User Guide for more information on the DMA tool.

Step 1 - In the Windows Upgrade window, import data from a Windows version of Cisco Unified Communications Manager by choosing Yes

You can still do this ahead of time and just keep track of any changes or additions that you make during that week so they can be re-done after the upgrade.

Hope this helps!


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