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CallManager 4.x and CME Intercluster

I have Central site running CallManager 4.0 on MCS7835.

I also have CME running on remote site. Are there any issues doing intercluster trunk between CCM and CME?


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Re: CallManager 4.x and CME Intercluster

Hello znaqvi,

I can tell you something from the CME perspective. It does not have the concept of cluster at all. It will just use the configured voip dial-peers to reach the remotes via h.323 or SIP. It will use an h.323 gatekeeper or SIP proxy if so configured.

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Re: CallManager 4.x and CME Intercluster

Yap Paulo is right, and for the CCM side you add an ICT (Inter Cluster Trunk) IP adress points to CME and you create then a Route Pattern pointing to the ICT.

this should work perfectly.

Good day

Re: CallManager 4.x and CME Intercluster

You can configure the in CM has an h.323 gateway. Send calls to CME from CM via route patterns and that gateway. You can setup VoIP dialpeers and point them to CM. Since you added the gateway as an H.323 gateway in CM calls will be accepted or else rejected. One thing I suggest is add the following statements in the CME Global config.

voice services voip

allow connection h323 to h323

allow connection h323 to sip

allow connection sip to h323

allow connection sip to sip



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Re: CallManager 4.x and CME Intercluster

I have done all that...

and the calls from the CCM to the CME is working great...

however, i am having trouble calling from the CME to the CCM,

i have configured the router with the following voip dial-peer

dial-peer voice 1 voip

destination-pattern 91...

session target ipv4:<>

dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric

i get a busy tone...

Re: CallManager 4.x and CME Intercluster


Make sure you have

int fa0/0

h323 voip gateway-interface

h323 voip bind srcaddr

This IP address should match with the ICT that you create in Callmanager.



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