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Callmanager 5 Corporate Directory with DirSync

I am running Callmanager 5 with LDAP Directory enabled and my end users populated with the sync'd information. I'd like to set up the Corporate Directory so that it pulls from the Callmanager local database instead of the corporate LDAP server via the IP Services SDK script.

Has anyone set up the corporate directory to do the lookups from the local Callmanager end users instead of the LDAP directory? It seems odd that the solution would be to query against the corporate LDAP server after all the information has been sync'd to the local Callmanager. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Callmanager 5 Corporate Directory with DirSync

After LDAP Directory synch has been enabled, the default IP Phone directory search queries the cached information on CallManager. It does not query your corporate LDAP for results for end user phone corp directory info.

You can test this by entering a new user in your corp AD and perform a search on the phone. You should not see the new user until the next scheduled LDAP to CCM dirsynch.

This is the way it works with MS AD. Some other LDAPs use incremental updates and it may work differently.

LDAP Authentication is different however it will proxy the request through CCM and query your corp LDAP.

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