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CallManager 5.X CDR Format


Can anyone help provide any information or example for the new CDRs CSV file format generated by CCM 5.x release.

Also any URL or information for how to access it is appreciated. We know how to do that for version 4.x and earlier, but startgin version 5 and above, it is totally new. Thanks

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Re: CallManager 5.X CDR Format

Call detail records (CDR) detail the called number, the number that placed the call, the date and time that the call was started, the time that it connected, and the time that it ended. Call management records (CMRs, or diagnostic records) detail the jitter, lost packets, the amount of data sent and received during the call, and latency. CDR data comprises CDRs and CMRs collectively. A single call can result in the generation of several CDRs and CMRs. Cisco Unified CallManager records information regarding each call in CDRs and CMRs. CDRs and CMRs, known collectively as CDR data, serve as the basic information source for CAR.

Re: CallManager 5.X CDR Format


Speaking in this context, are there any API cisco has to dip directly into new database for CM 5.X and later?

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Re: CallManager 5.X CDR Format

As far as I am concerned there is a couple of API calls you can use in SOAP context for getting CDRs on demand. There are two, one called get_file and get_files. One for a specific duration and one for getting all the files. I tested these but I believe configuring a billing server to receive the CDR flat files via FTP is the most straight way.

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