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Callmanager 7 or IVR 6?

Can anybody say, how perspective will be CallManager 6? Will it be soon CallManager 7 version?

Also I have the same question for IVR. Should IVR 5 will be stable?

I ask this question because as I see callmanager 5 wasn't stable version. Also IVR 4.5 has the same problem.

Could any body advice me is it reasonably to change CCM 4.1 for CCM 6?

Also change IVR version from 4 -> 5

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Re: Callmanager 7 or IVR 6?

CM 6.1 has proved to be stable, obviously it's got bugs and issues, but we have dozens of installs running well.

CM 7.0 is due out in September.

IP-IVR 5.0 is running very well as well.

It is reasonable to upgrade to 6.1, again we have done many of them successfully, similarly with IVR, keep in mind though that there is no direct upgrade of IVR from 4 to 5 and you will have to rebuild the server with windows 2003 and manually import scripts, prompts, etc.


Re: Callmanager 7 or IVR 6?

cderen is correct. CM 6.1 is very stable with the exception of a couple of bugs. IPCC 5.0.1 SR 2 is also very stable. The only issues that I've ran into with 6.1.2 are bugs with 7941/61 phones not working properly. A device pack update resolved that issue. Also, side card issues. They're some known bugs with the 7915 & 7916 side cards on CM 6.1.2.

Thus far, that is all I ran into.


Re: Callmanager 7 or IVR 6?

Personally 6.1.2.X is really good

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