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Callmanager. Assign multicast address to IP phones.

Hi everyone!

Is it possible to assign a multicast address to IP phone, connected to UC540?

I know, that there is a phone dn (paging) and there I can assign multicast goups.

But the thing is, that the paging works only locally. I can't send a voice packet to a mulicast address of the paging group, if application, which sends this packet do not belong to this paging group. I know it's hard to understand

To understand the problem, let's make an examle:

We have 2 IP phones connected to UC 540.

Paging number "2" is configured for multicast address " port 32000"

This paging is assigned to IP phones, under ephone profile.

UC is connected to a router. Both router and UC are configured for multicast.

I have a laptop connected to a router, which has an application, that can send and recieve voice stream.

Laptop is also configured for the same multicast address.

When I'm calling number "2" from my IP phone, voice receivers are second IP phone and the application on my laptop.

But when I'm trying to send a voice stream to multicast address from the application, IP phones can't recieve the voice stream.

Multicast is configured correctly.

Any ideas?

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Callmanager. Assign multicast address to IP phones.

You do not assign multicast IP address to a phone, just like you would never assign it to a computer.

If you need to extend multicast boundaries beyond a VLAN you need to engineer/configure multicast routing on your network, i.e. define multicast PIMs, etc.



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Callmanager. Assign multicast address to IP phones.

I know that I can't assign multicast IP address to a phone.

I need to know how to configure a profile for IP phone, where  I can tell, that this IPv4 address belongs to the multicast group.

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