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callmanager cluster

Hi all. I am trying to find a good document on how to add a subscriber in the mix to an environment that only has a publisher. Anyone have any good documents for this or can point the way? Thank you in advance.


Re: callmanager cluster

Hi friend,

Check this URL and select the document that applies to the version of CallManager you're using.


- adrián

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Re: callmanager cluster

Hi Mike,

Just to add a note to the good info from Adrian. This is for CCM 4.1(3) if you tell us what version you are working with we can find something more specific :)

Adding New Subscriber Servers to the Cluster After the Installation

If you need to add servers to the cluster, perform the following tasks:


Caution If you changed any NT Service passwords on the servers in the cluster, you must use the password utility to reset the passwords to the default by using the Admin Utility. The installation fails if you do not to perform this task.


1. Install the operating system on the subscriber server(s) by using the Cisco-provided operating system disks and the operating system documentation.

2. Verify that you configured name resolution, for example, DNS, before you install Cisco CallManager.

3. Install Cisco CallManager on the subscriber server(s) by using the Cisco CallManager Installation, Upgrade, and Recovery Disks 1 and 2.

Make sure that you enter the publisher database server name correctly, so authentication to the publisher database server can occur.

4. Upgrade to the version of Cisco CallManager that currently runs in the cluster.

5. Install the same Cisco CallManager service release and operating system hotfixes/service patch that you have applied to the existing cluster.

6. **Reboot all nodes in the cluster.**

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: callmanager cluster

Hey guys, thanks for responding. Its version 6.1. I did get them installed and configured. Here is what I did:

On the second server, I installed it through the install scripts that run automatically. When it asked me if this was the first node in the cluster, I said NO, and then on through the rest of the install. I had already put the second CUCM in the Publisher so it would know about it. It never complained to me during the install of the second server. After that install, I went in to Servicability and started the services on the Pub and Sub. At that point, that is when I think they were truely a redundant phone system. After doing some configuration, I unplugged the Pub network cable, and the configuration was on the Subscriber when I viewed the GUI config of the Subscriber. Thanks all for your insight and help. The guides were good to see, but they really were not very helpful in this particular instance. They dont really go through what I really experience, although I am very greatful that you guys showed them to me. I really appreciate it.

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