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Callmanager Dial Plan Question

With new installs I have begin using the full 10 digit DID for the phones DN. I have been using a translation pattern for the last 4 digits to prefix the first 6.

This works ok however I have run into a small problem...

I have a site that has DIDs 805yyy80xx

So I setup 80xx as a translation pattern to prefix in 805yyy and people can call eachother just fine using the last 4 digits. However if they dial the full 10 digits the 805y overlaps with the 80xx translation pattern.

The main reason we starting using the full 10 digit DID for the DN was a suggestion from other team members, as we grow our clusters, we will be putting many sites on one unity box. So it makes sense form a Unity point of view?

How does every one else handle this? I'm sure there are ways we can set unity for the full 10 digits and put only the 4 digits as the DN on the phones?

How could we deal with the issue if we want to keep 10 digits as the phone DN?


Re: Callmanager Dial Plan Question

This is almost inevitable when you try to deploy a variable length dialplan, which is basically what you're doing. There are some ways around it. Here's what I would try:

- Retire any DIDs that end in 805x. In reality, you're only losing 10 numbers, and it will make life easy. ;)

- Prefix your 4 digit translations with an asterisk. Of course, this requires re-training.

As for Unity, I'm pretty sure it's still 'single tennant', i.e. no ability for overlapping dialplans. Each subscriber has to have a unique extension. You can, however, add 'alternate extensions' which I believe will help you.

Another option is to stick with four digits on the phones and configure the voicemail profile so that it adds the appropriate prefix.

I'm sure others will have some comments and suggestions as well.


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