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CallManager DTMF SIP

Hi all,

I have a question here. I'm using Cisco Unified CallManager (CUCM) 5.0.4. I called from ip phone which is register directly to the CUCM. I called a number that have an IVR system. As example an airline company.

After my call established, the IVR system asked me to press key number. As example, 1 - for Arab language, 2 - for English language. I chose to press key number 2. After the IVR accept my pressed key number, the next instruction in English. It means the IVR system successfully receive the pressed key number.

The question is:

1. How can I see what keys were pressed from the log I took from CUCM ? I took the log using Real-Time Monitoring Tool.

2. If I can't see it, is there any alternative method to achieve the objective in question 1 ?

I already consult the cisco TAC and I have to wait for it. Maybe from this forum I can see clearer picture.

Thank you.


Re: CallManager DTMF SIP

You can look at your Call Manager Traces, if you had them enabled and collecting.

This will show you exactly what the IP Phone numbers were pressed, etc.

Please see the following link for more info on CUCM 5.0.4 Trace Configuration:

New Member

Re: CallManager DTMF SIP

Is it "Cisco Trace Collection Service" ? If yes, I already enabled it. I collect the trace from CUCM using RTMT.

Below is how I take the trace:

1. Tools > Trace > Trace and Log Central

2. Trace and Log Central > Remote Browse

3. Trace Files / Next > Cisco CallManager / Next > Finish

4. Then I took the trace from "sdi" folder.

From the trace files, I have no idea how to find the pressed key when I call to destination number equipped with an IVR.

I only managed to identify phone number (from an to) and SIP (invite, options, bye, cancel, ack, prack, update, refer, subscribe, notify, info, register).

Anybody here can teach me how to understand more on my collected trace files ?

Thank you so much.

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