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CallManager Express "Busy Trigger"


I would like to configure the "busy trigger" on 2 in CallManager Express 4.2.

The goal is to be able to have the following situation:

When a call is already placed from a phone, if a second call arrives on this phone, an alert is played on this phone to announce the second call (beep).

Using this, the user can place the first call on hold and answer the second call.

The actual situation is that the second call receives directly the busy tone. It's only possible to receive one call on an IP phone. So I would like to change the busy trigger from 1 to 2.

In CallManager Express, I think that this feature is the "call-waiting".

All the "ephone-dn" are configured with "dual-line" and I added "call-waiting beep" (default value) but the second call continue to receive the busy tone.

Here is the configuration of "ephone-dn":

ephone-dn 1 dual-line

number 6600 secondary 155066600

label 6600 - Reception Switchboard

description 155066600

name Reception Switchboard

allow watch

call-forward all 9905

huntstop channel

no huntstop

hold-alert 30 originator


Do you know what is missing in the configuration to be able to receive 2 simultaneous calls on an IP phone?

Thanks in advance,



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Re: CallManager Express "Busy Trigger"


Re: CallManager Express "Busy Trigger"

New Member

Re: CallManager Express "Busy Trigger"

In the example from your link, the huntstop channel is still there. Why do I have to remove it?

I also found something else... the button was configured using ":" in the ephone config:

ephone 1

button 1:1

Following your example, I should replace ":" by "c":

ephone 1

button 1c1

Is it correct?

New Member

Re: CallManager Express "Busy Trigger"

I just noticed that I was wrong... I don't need to change the ephone button layout.

The "no huntstop channel" should solve my problem.

I'll let you know as soon as it will be tested.

New Member

Re: CallManager Express "Busy Trigger"

The "no huntstop channel" solved my problem.

Many thanks.

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