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CallManager / Gatekeeper registration issues

I'm having an issue keeping two CallManagers registered to an IOS gatekeeper. The registration works initially, but after a few minutes, the following message is displayed on the gatekeeper:

"gk_gw_remove_all_gw_dynamic_prefixes: URQing GW has NO dynamic prefixes"

Based on this message, it seems like the gatekeeper won't keep an endpoint registered unless the endpoint registers E164 numbers. After a minute or two, my CallManager servers will reregister, but calls to/from the gatekeepers do not work while CallManager is unregistered. Does anyone know how to prevent this from happening, besides registering E164 numbers? Also, is it even possible to register E164 numbers from CallManager?

If you need any additional config/debug info, please let me know.

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Re: CallManager / Gatekeeper registration issues

It is impossible to register e164 numbers with CM, you could use static alias if you want.

Is your GK-controlled trunk configured properly on CM? Are you referncing the correct zone?

Can you post your GK config?


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Re: CallManager / Gatekeeper registration issues

Here's the output from the gatekeeper:


zone local HQ

zone local BR1

zone prefix HQ 1*

zone prefix BR1 2*

gw-type-prefix 2#*

gw-type-prefix 4#*

no shutdown

I'm pretty sure that there isn't a problem with the CallManager configuration, since the CallManagers do register with the gatekeeper, and I am able to pass calls through when the CallManagers are registered, but I'm not able to pass calls when they're forced to unregister by the gatekeeper when it sends the URQ message.

Assuming that static aliases aren't an option, is there a way to prevent CallManager from unregistering periodically?

Re: CallManager / Gatekeeper registration issues

Can you paste a debug gatekeeper main 5 or 10 (hidden commands) output. Also include debug ras separately. Make sure the unregister happens while u capture the outputs

CM cannot register e.164s. It will register as a gateway though. Can you also paste your GK configs ?

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