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Callmanager hardware upgrade 7835 to 7845


I'm trying to upgrade an existing MCS7835 to an MCS7845 without having to rebuild it. Adding the extra processor works fine, however, the full spec requires 4 72gb drive (rather 2x72gb for 7835) and I was wondering if its ok to manually configure the second array?

Has anyone done this kind of upgrade before? Any informastion would be much appreciated




Re: Callmanager hardware upgrade 7835 to 7845

If I recall, the drives are setup in Mirrors on both servers.

So your 7835 has 2x72 gigs in Mirros. Which has OS and data. Probably in C:\ D:\

Your 7845 will have (2) mirrors. One for OS and for Data.

There is no easy way to do this. What I would do is the following:

- Backup! BARs everything to remote disk space so nothing gets lots "just in case"

- Have (4) brand new drives in place.

- Install pop in the new drives, install CCM to same level it was at.

- Use BARS to restore back to what it was.

If anything goes wrong, or it does not work, you still have the entire system built on the (2) original drive. I know they are expensive, but its well worth it to have that spare set "untouched" during the upgrade or migration.

Hope this makes sense. But again, there may be other suggestions out there someone else may have. I dont think I have seen anyone try to make a 7835 into a 7845. They normally just buy a new server and install.

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Re: Callmanager hardware upgrade 7835 to 7845

Strangely enough, I do have a 7845 server, that I built from scratch, it has 2 arrays, where as far as can I tell the second logical drive (called trace) - only has 1 folder named CCMTemp, and thats it. So OS and data is still on the first array. Which is why I wondered if I should be able to just configure the second array manually. I've raised a question to PDI to get a definite answer


Re: Callmanager hardware upgrade 7835 to 7845

Maybe Im confussed on the array. But possibly, the (2) drive is a combined mirror that is mirror to the second (2) drive.

If that is the case, then I would say you could install the second set of drives, and mirror the drives as RAID 1 (first two drives, mirrored to the second set. Im trying to dig up some material on this exact configuration.

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