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Callmanager time of day routing with hunt groups?

Need some help understanding the best way to implement the following call routing idea in Callmanager 4.13 without trying to 'reinvent the wheel'.

Currently we run an archaic solution to provide outside clients with the ability contact an on-call network representative for immediate assistance with critical infrastructure matters - during weekdays only. We simply have an IP phone (DN: xxxxx) where the on-call representative is responsible for performing a CFwdALL (Call Forward All) manually to their cell phone - so if client calls xxxxx the on-call representative gets the call on their cell phone. Laughable I know, and definitely prone to problems due to forgetful on-call representatives not updating the 'Call Forward All' number to their cell phone at the appropriate time.

Here's how we would really like this to work though:

If client dials xxxxx to reach an on-call network representative, here is the preferred procedure:

On Monday:

- If between 7:00AM and 2:30 PM, first dial network representative A's cell phone. If busy or no answer, dial network representative B's cell phone.

- If between 2:31 PM and 9:00 PM, first dial network representative C's cell phone. If busy or no answer, dial network representative D's cell phone.

On Tuesday through Friday:

- Same exact scenario as for Monday, except using different representatives.

I know there must be a really fantastic way of implementing this idea on Callmanager, perhaps using both 'Time-of-Day Routing' and 'Hunt Groups/Pilots', but am unsure of just how to get started, and really fearing wasting a ton of time trying to figure out such a solution. Any great, practical ideas on how to accomplish this desire, or possibly a link to an appropriate on-line article?


Re: Callmanager time of day routing with hunt groups?

I am assuming that the cell phones you want to forward calls to, are non-IPT devices. Unfortunately with what you are describing, there really isn't a way to accomplish this.

CCM does not supervise outbound calls, so it does not have a way to pull it back when it is not answered (at least not natively in 4.1(3), CUCM 6.x has single number reach which can do this).

You could also try something like an IPCCX solution where callers into xxxxxxx flow though a call script then based on the time-of-day it would send the caller to the proper on-call cell phone.


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