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CallPickup Doubts


I have 2 questions... I not found on doc or

1) It's possible configure time to visual alert on CallPickup Group? This normal is a alert to any seconds, my customers wants change the timer.

2) I configured the Phone Button Template with Call Pickup. The calls are pickup but the led of button not turn on. Its possible configure it?

Thank you


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Re: CallPickup Doubts

Hi Peterson,

For question number 1 - under the Pickup Group config page;

Call Pickup Group Notification Timer (seconds)*

For question number 2 - the only LED that should light is that

of the Line Button which is used to actually answer the "Call Pickup"



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Re: CallPickup Doubts

Hi Rob

Thank you for your response

About 1

This timer is timer (in seconds) to notify the another phones, example, timer is 6 (default), then after 6 seconds the notification will send to another phones (or visual or audio), after some seconds this message (notification)  disappears. I need to configure the time that the notification is displayed to the customer, ie, before it disappears.

About 2.

I'll test because the customers wants call pickup notification to another groups. Example, a supervisor works on 2 teams with different call pickup group. The call pickup works, but not the notification. The customers wants the call pickup notification (visual alert) on led permanently until the call is answer

Thanks again


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Re: CallPickup Doubts

Hi Peterson,

Sorry about that my friend

#1. There is no parameter in CUCM (any version) that will change the duration

of the pickup notification.

#2. Pickup notification only works within the "same" pickup group.

Sorry man!


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Re: CallPickup Doubts

Thanks Rob.

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