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Calls are not hitting on voice gateway 3945

We have 3945 series router (voice gateway) with 2 PRIs configured and it is being registered on call manager 9.1 via MGCP. From this one PRI is being used dedicated for making ISD calls. When some one dials any ISD number it's not hitting on router have checked by enabling debug isdn q931 and term mon. Also checked in DNA it is routing through desired route group.

Any suggestions !!

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Please take "debug voip ccapi

Please take "debug voip ccapi inout" for a call in MGCP router and then check.



Hi,  Check for Toll Fraud



Check for Toll Fraud feature




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thanks for suggestion...issue

thanks for suggestion...issue is resolved now. !!

So what was the exact issue ?

So what was the exact issue ? was it related to toll  fraud or something else ?


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Hi Suresh,No, because I haven

Hi Suresh,

No, it is not related to toll fraud because I haven't change anything for it. have just done shut no shut controller call started hitting. I am analyzing router logs to check the same.

I have asked my query related to debug voip ccapi inout command can you please answer, it will help me to understand significance of the same.

Thank you for the response :-

Thank you for the response :-)

Did you heck the DNA for a call for new route pattern which you made in CUCM. If CUCM is sending digits to MGCP router then definitely you should see the information on router when you do "debug voip ccapi inout". Because CUCM & MGCP router doesn't know that you have dialed wrong number, if dial plan exists in the system for wrongly dialed number. System will get to know this from service provider via Rx message.



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I tried and captured traces

I tried and captured traces using command debug voip ccapi inout but not able to understand the trace logs as I have used this command first time. For above issue have done shut - no shut on controller and call started hitting on router.

Would like to understand one thing I enabled debug voip ccapi inout, when I dialed correct number traces were generated on router but to differentiate trace between successful & unsuccessful call I configured one more specific pattern with wrong number but trace were not generated this time than configured two more patterns with wrong numbers but result is same trace not generated. so is this its behavior when wrong number is dialed trace won't be generated.

In those ISD route patterns,

In those ISD route patterns, Have you associated the Route List or directly the Endpoint? If it is route list with mgcp endpoints, then it's known issue that route list fails to route the calls to the endpoints.
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I have associated Route List

I have already associated Route List in ISD route pattern. Today I have just done shut - no shut of controller and calls started hitting on router.

Thanks !!

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