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calls not getting to the gatekeeper


My voice network is using h323 gatekeeper. i have about 15 of the 20 gateways registered. When the user dials a number he get the dial tone and it's silent. I have tested from the router a valid number and did some debugs but i do not get to reject messege from the gatekeeper. the last setup messege I get is ACF on both the orginating gateway, gatekeeper and destination gateway . From there I get DCF. I have double checked my configs everything looks like it should work.

If anyone could help please !


Re: calls not getting to the gatekeeper

Enable 'debug ras' on the gatekeeper, and then send the syslog messages to a remote host. 'Debug ras' will show you when an endpoint tries to register, and will also show the confirmation/rejection from the gatekeeper.

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Re: calls not getting to the gatekeeper

thanks, I did that on all the 3 router- source gateway, gatekeeper and destination not getting any reject messege from the gatekeeper.

I have now removed the h323 configs on all of them. i configured the normal voip dial-peers but they still cannot connect. Im sure my configs are correct and tested everything in the lab. I unfortunately dont have access to the customer PBX whihc im suspecting may not be setup corectly

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