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Calls to ATA connect and then drop

I have a CME install with 3 ATA's connected to 5 fax machines, two per each with the last one having one.  When I configured them and tested each with a phone they worked fine, for both incoming and outgoing phone calls.  At the time of install they did not have the fax machines so we boxed them.  One month later they connected them up and they do not work.  When I call any of the machines, I get one ring, connect and then get hung up on.  This happens if you call from outside the system, or from an IP phone on the system.  If you disconnect the fax machine the call rings twice and then it goes to the voicemail system.  That part will be changed this week, but the call does not get disconnected.

This is a new install about one month old running 7.1 CME and the latest loads for the ATA's.

Any idea of what might be the problem?


Re: Calls to ATA connect and then drop

It sounds like a codec issue.  What codecs to you have enabled on the system and in what preference?  Also, the ATA186, as far as I remember, can only support g.729 on one port.  Trying to configure both ports with g.729 will work as long as only one is registered, but the second line will not work if both register.  I would recommend only using g.711 on ATA's, if you aren't already.


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Re: Calls to ATA connect and then drop

Thank you for the reply.  I was able to figure out the problem.  After a 3 hour drive one way I found that the customer had connected the ports on the ATA to the AUX port on the fax and not to the LINE port.

Also, I am setup to use G.711.

Thanx for the reply.


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