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Calls Transfered to ext. then to VM get "There is no mailbox associated with this extension."

Hi All, I'm stuck and really need some help. A site of ours started complaining yesterday that calls we're not transfering to Voice mail. Sure enough I tested this and they are correct. Once someone calls into the site or if someone internally has called someone off net and they decide to transfer to an extension, if no one picks up on that extension it should forward to the users voice mail however, the transfering party hears "There is no mailbox associated with this extension." The strange this is that voice mail still works and all users can call the voice mail pilot and if you call the extension directly and the extension does not answer it will forward to voicemail. This seems to only happen when a transfer is taking place.

I've looked and they have all CUE VM boxes and from what I can tell it all looks good.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

We are running:

Cisco 2811

Software Version  12.4(25) / CME 3.3

GUI Version

Cisco Unity Express Version 7.0

thanks for the help,



Re: Calls Transfered to ext. then to VM get "There is no mailbox

normallywhen the call come lets say to ext. 1000 and then translfered to ext 1001 and 1001 dosne answer the call will go to voice mail but the vopice mal will search for the 1000 number voice mail not the 1001

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