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Can ATA 187 be used as a Third-party SIP device and be connected to CUCM 6.1.2?


As far as I can see there is support for ATA 187 on CUCM 6.1.5 if firmware 9.2.3 is used. But...

Shouldn't it be possible to get the ATA to register to CUCM 6.1.2 as a "non-Cisco generic SIP device"?

I have directed the ATA to a separate TFTP server (DHCP option) and manually created a ATA<MAC>.cnf.xml file (and I have manually upgraded the firmware using the <loadInformation> tag), which all seem good, but when it tries to register I'm getting Status: 404, warning: 399 with "Device not found in database"...

I have created an End user and associated the device with this user in the CUCM.

I would expect to get a 401 Unauthorized message back to trig the Digest Authentication (This is what is happening for a VoIP intercom SIP device we are using), but it doesn't seem like I'm getting that far...

Any help will be greatly appreciated as the lack of ATA186's are causing us problems.

Thanks a lot



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Make sure the digest username

Make sure the digest username is the extension number.

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Hi Brian.Thanks a lot for

Hi Brian.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion. Unfortunately I'd already read that somewhere and changed "everything" to be equal to the extension number...

I'm a bit in doubt about the sequence of things from the CUCM. I thought that it might be: 

1) Look at the extension number received in the REGISTER message and try to find this in the database.

2) See what end user is connected to this number and find the device associated with the user.

3) Send unathorized message to the device in order to perform the digest authentication.


But perhaps that's not really true?

I can see that normally for SCCP phones, then the MAC address of the device is communicated as part of the messages uniquely identifying the phone, so perhaps something else is required in the register message, that I cannot figure out... So the sequence could be:

1) A device with "this ID" tries to register.

2) Find the end user associated to the device and send unathorized message

3) If correct credentials are received, check what extension number (DN) should be associated with this user/device.


I can see that part of the REGISTER message contains a "name" being ATA<MAC>, but when a 3rd party SIP device is created in the CUCM, then the device name becomes SEP<MAC> with no way of changing this. I don't know if that is completely irrelevant or could be part of the problem?

Hope the above makes sense and that someone can see what I'm trying to figure out. Somthing like: Should the device be recognized by the extension number or some other id...

I have attached a txt version of the capture showing: Register, Trying, Not Found, Refer, OK sequence.



Per, I think the extra



I think the extra devicename and model info in the Contact parameters of the Register message is what is causing the problem.  I'm not sure how we can get around that.  It may be possible to change the device name of the 3rd party SIP device by editing the SQL database directly such as:

run sql update device set name='ATA64A0E715DEAE' where name='SEP64A0E715DEAE'


See if that works.




New Member

Brian, Thanks for your



Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately I'm getting code: 491, when trying to update the name. The best match I've been able to find is this: Note: The job scheduler might return this error: 64AEOCF62803 DEVICE :: Error : 491 The specified name has invalid characters or is not formatted correctly for this device type. This error might occur if the MAC address is not entered properly. In order to resolve this issue, verify that the MAC address was entered correctly.

If I'm looking at the correct error code, it could still look like CUCM insists on recognizing this device as beeing part of the "Cisco family", by looking at some device type, rather than just treating it as some random 3rd party product.

I'm not too familiar with the SQL interface for the CUCM, so I didn't want to tamper too much guessing some values to try and change ;-)

I'm still wondering whether some of the values that the ATA device sends itself is possible to change from the XML configuration file, but documentation seems to be very hard to find...

Do you have any other suggestions or should I simply accept the fact that these two components are incompatible?



I have compared two SIP

I have compared two SIP REGISTER message one from Cisco SIP phone and other from third party SIP phone , the only difference i can get is the User-Agent field in SIP message.One was containing "User-Agent: Cisco-XXXXX" and other one "User-Agent: eyeBeam XXXXX" .

So if we can modify this User-agent in Register message with other that "Cisco-" , i think we can hit the jackpot but again i am not 100 % sure.




Manish, I'm not sure if there



I'm not sure if there's going to be a way to get around this unless you have some device that could manipulate the SIP headers.  I don't think CUBE will let you change Register messages with SIP profiles.


Might have to just upgrade to 6.1.5 or use another device for FXS connectivity such as a SPA device/ATA 186/ISR with FXS card.

New Member

Hi Guys,Thanks to both of you

Hi Guys,

Thanks to both of you for your valuable input.

I'm afraid other stuff is piling up on my desk, preventing me from using more time on this otherwise interesting issue. I'll probably have to accept the ATA187 as being not supported (not even using SIP protocol).

Any other suggestions are still very welcome, but I don't think I want to go down the "intercept and rewrite ethernet frames route" at this stage ;-)