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Can CUCM v6.x be configured to send a trap on 911 call?

On a weekly basis, one or more users will accidentally dial 911 and then hang up (whereas they should stay on the line and inform dispatch that the call was an error). As a result, the city police department will call us back. If they have to call back more than x number of times per month, they send us a bill. What I'd like to do is have a trap sent to the receptionist every time a 911 call is made so that she can contact the caller and confirm that the caller stayed on the line. I do not believe we have CER in our environment (thus, I'm asking this question).


Re: Can CUCM v6.x be configured to send a trap on 911 call?

Reports can be obtained through the CDR Analysis and Reporting tool. You can obtain the tool by going to the following screen:

Application >> Install Plug-in >> Click on CDR Analysis and Reporting

For notification (through SNMP trap) you need to use the Cisco Emergency Responder. Cisco Emergency Responder (Cisco ER) helps you manage emergency calls in your telephony network so that you can respond to these calls effectively and so that you can comply with local ordinances concerning the handling of emergency calls.

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