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Can I view "missed calls" on remote IP Phone


For remote IP Phones, anyway to view stuff that I can normally see if I am physically near the phone such as "missed calls" or other call statistics like double tapping the blue/question button to see real time data.

I am on CM 7.1

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Re: Can I view "missed calls" on remote IP Phone

By remote phone I presume you mean the ASA-based Phone Proxy solution? If so, then no. All services including directories are XML pages retrieved over HTTP. This is not included in the TLS proxy.

This is available using the replacement (my word choice, not Cisco's) for Phone Proxy that is available in UCM 8.0: SSL VPN.

Re: Can I view "missed calls" on remote IP Phone


I think by remote phones the OP means phones that are not near the sysadmin rather than tose across a VPN.

I use this tool to troubleshoot remote phones

It is a chargeable product but there is a trial version available.

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Re: Can I view "missed calls" on remote IP Phone

The real time statistics can be seen from the phone's webpage (just put the IP address of the phone into a browser).  Once on the webpage click on stream 1 and refresh the page to see the counters incriment.  The above tool looks really good, if you wanted one other way to see the missed calls and you're comfortable with programming check this out:  You can tell the phone to press certain keys, such as directories then 1 for missed calls, then run a CGI/Screenshot to see what's displayed.

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