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Can't access CCM user menu from Subscriber

Hi Guys,

I'm facing a problem, where from the subscriber, I'm not able to access the user page menu, but I can access every other menus from the subscriber. I do not face the same issue with publisher. Why I need to access the user menus directly from the subscriber is because the IVR needs to access users from the subscriber. When accessing the user menus from the subscriber, I get a security pop up, saying "this page contains contains secure & nonsecure....". Clicking accept will give me a 500 internal server error.

Some background, on the publisher, I did a BARS from the production unit, and installed into a development unit. I then installed a new subscriber, and associate it to the development publisher. From the SQL manager, the replication shows as successful. Phone and gateway registration works fine.

Any ideas/suggestions?


Hann Yong


Re: Can't access CCM user menu from Subscriber

It seems that you have a Directory access problem (you are going to User >> Global Directory right?), not a SQL DB problem, are you using AD or DC Directory on the Pub?

Just go to Start >> Run >> CCMPwdChanger and look at the Directory field and that will tell you what you are using (do this on both servers, they should use the same directory); if you are using the AD plugin on the Pub, re-install it on the Sub and reboot the server. But if you are using DC Directory, you will need to reconfigure the cluster, just follow these steps if you are using DC:

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Re: Can't access CCM user menu from Subscriber


Thanks for the update. I did managed to resolve the problem by breaking the link, and re-establishing the SQL replication again.

To answer some of your queries:

1) u r right, user>> global directory

2) Using DC directory on Pub.

DBLhelper helped too!

Thanks again


Hann Yong


Re: Can't access CCM user menu from Subscriber


Thx for the update

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