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Can´t access to CUE by embedded service engine 0/0

Hi good morning, I am trying to access to CUE in a 2911 ISR with pre loaded software and ISM module and I followed the next sentence from techincal documentation in order to do it:

You must perform the configuration steps in this section, even if the CIMC-E software was factory-installed by Cisco.

Tecnical reference:

  • •1.       Configure the embedded service engine 0/0 interface with an IP


From the Host-Router CLI

1. enable

2. configure terminal

3. interface Embedded-Service-Engine 0/0

4. service-module enable

5. ip address module-side-ip-address subnet-mask or ip unnumbered type number

6. service-module ip address module-side-ip-address subnet-mask

7. service-module ip default-gateway gateway-ip-address

8. no shutdown

9. exit

10. ip route prefix mask ip-address

11. end

12. copy running-config startup-config

13. show running-config

14. reload

    • •2.      Next I check the module status and the output is UBOOT UP, the technical reference says that it is not correct (correct is KERNEL UP)

CME#service-module embedded-Service-Engine 0/0 status

Service Module is Cisco Embedded-Service-Engine0/0

Service Module supports session via TTY line 2

Service Module heartbeat-reset is enabled

Embedded Service Engine boot state is UBOOT UP

Module resource information:

  CPU Frequency: 500 MHz

  Memory Size: 256 MB

  Disk Size: 0 MB

No install/uninstall in progress

  • •3.      I can connect to the session (before, I could not) but, instead to send me to CUE, I see the boot-loader prompt, here I typed the show config command and this is the output:

CME#service-module embedded-Service-Engine 0/0 sess

Trying, 2002 ... Open

boot-loader > show config

IP Address:             <NULL>

Subnet Mask:            <NULL>

TFTP Server:            <NULL>

Gateway:                <NULL>

Default Helper-file:    <NULL>

Ethernet Interface:     <NULL>

Default Boot:           <NULL>

Default Bootloader:     <NULL>

Bootloader Version:     1.0

boot-loader >

From the output, the technical documentation says: If the Embedded Service Engine is stuck at the uboot prompt, it is possible that the uboot configuration is lost or corrupt. If the Default Boot field shown above is NULL, the uboot configuration read may have failed or the uboot configuration is corrupt. Enter the following command from the Cisco IOS software prompt:

Router# service-module embedded-service-engine 0/0 reset

I did that but after the reboot, the status is the same.

I am not sure if I am doing the correct process but if it is it, I dont know how to fix it, can anybody helpme?

Thanks a lot

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Can´t access to CUE by embedded service engine 0/0

Fill the boot loader values and tftp boot the installer.

Note the ip route step, has to to be a /32 route.

It is documented and there are varius thread on the subject

New Member

Can´t access to CUE by embedded service engine 0/0

Hi Paolo, for the first point this is my configruration:


interface Embedded-Service-Engine0/0

ip unnumbered GigabitEthernet0/0

service-module ip address

service-module ip default-gateway

service-module enable


interface GigabitEthernet0/0

ip address

duplex auto

speed auto

ip route Embedded-Service-Engine0/0

The second and third points are the outputs after I configured it and my problem is the service-module embedded-Service-Engine 0/0 status is in UBOOT UP


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