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Can't dial route point

I am running CM version 4.2

I have installed IP communicator. for some reason I can't dial any route points into my ipcc. I have set up 3 other IP communicators exactly the same and they work fine. I just get a busy tone when trying to dial the RP. any ideas?


Re: Can't dial route point


Have you checked the Decive Pool, Partitions and Calling Search Spaces associations in that new IP Communicator?

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis

Community Member

Re: Can't dial route point

yep checked all these things. Could it be anything on my laptop causing this as I now can't dial any route point on any of my clusters - this was working 2 days ok and nothing has changed


Re: Can't dial route point

Here is what to do:

1- Check if the CTI-RP is registred (CCM webpage)

2- Check if the JTAPI user have control of all your devices you are trying to reach.

also is this IPCC express or Enterprise? which CCM version? are all CCM services up and running (CTI..etc)?? does the user have the CTI enabled on their profile?

Community Member

Re: Can't dial route point

yep checked all that. Seen this error in CM trace

06/06/2007 11:53:51.143 CCM|ConnectionManager - wait_AuDisconnectRequest:NO ENTRY FOUND

IN TABLE,CI(16777265,16777264),dcType=1,IFCreated(0,0),PID(0-0,0-0),IFHandling(0,0),MCNode(0,0)|



Re: Can't dial route point

did you ever figure this out, i have a very simple problem.

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