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Can't Import CTI ports on Unity Express from CM5.0(4)

Hi guys,

I'm trying to configure Unity Express with a CM5.0(4) to get voicemail working. Firstly, if anyone has a guide, Cisco or not, please let me know. Secondly, when I try to use the "Import CTI ports" feature in the Unity Express Web UI, I get an "IOException: no such attribute" and will not import the CTI ports into the Unity Express system, even though I am able to import users, which means that the Unity Express can talk to CM. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Re: Can't Import CTI ports on Unity Express from CM5.0(4)

From a Markus post...

[...]For CCM 5.0 you need to do the following steps on the CCM for JTAPI

user association

- Creating Route points (Device-> CTI Route Point)

- Creating CTI Ports (Device-> Phone->CTI Ports)

- The JTAPI user step is slightly different.

- First the JTAPI user must be created as an Application User (User

Management->APPLICATION USER->Add new )

-Go to User Management->User Group->search for "STANDARD CTI ENABLED"->

Click on this and ADD the

application USER that you created in the previous step"

-Next associate the route points & CTI ports to the jtapi user(App


(User management->Application User->Click on the user that you

created->and Associate your route points and CTI ports to the

controlled devices)

On the CUE side, unless you can get the GUI to work, you'd have to configure the ccm credentials, address(es), cti ports under 'ccn subsystem sip', then configure 'ccn trigger jtapi phonenumber " with the application (voicemail, autoattendant, promptmgmp, etc)

associated with the trigger (make sure it's "enabled" and has maxsessions set to something >=1).

Community Member

Re: Can't Import CTI ports on Unity Express from CM5.0(4)

Thanks, that worked perfectly. Now I just have to start from scratch again from the Cisco guides on setting up VM. Surprised that this method was not described anywhere in the Cisco documentation, or what I mean, they haven't updated they documentation for 5.0

Do you have any good documentation on setting up VM other than Cisco docs, or maybe atleast updated Cisco docs?

Cheers and thanks again

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