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Can't make Outbound calls CUCM 7.1 and other issues

So I started my lab over and it's been awhile since i've setup a call manager server, but I decided too and now i'm running into a issue with the following things.

1. Phones will not get DHCP addresses. I have to manually assign IP info to phones then they register. I've tried restarting the TFTP and DHCP services on the CUCM server but nothing.

2. I'm having issues with configuring Call Routing settings. I went to try and dial out by using 9 and I get the access code tone but when I dial-out numbers I get " Your call cannot be completed at this time. I thought I setup everything correctly.

3. I went to see if my CUCM server was communicating with my H323 gateway, and it showes the IP address of the gateway when I go to the Add device---> Gateway..etcc.. I'm able to ping the gateway without a issue. I've read the guides but they were no help. I need some help. Can anyone help me?


Re: Can't make Outbound calls CUCM 7.1 and other issues

1. Do you have option 150 setup in your DHCP scope with the IP address of your publisher? If your dhcp server is on a different vlan than your phones/call manager cluster then you also need the helper-address configured for that.

2.Have you created a route pattern for your local and long distance calling that points to your H323 gateway? Are your paritions and search spaces setup so that the phone can access the gateway? They have to be set on the phones and gateways before anything will work.

3.Post your config of your H323 gateway and we will see if all the bindings and dial-peers are configured correctly. Include the IP address of your publisher and subscribers too.

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Re: Can't make Outbound calls CUCM 7.1 and other issues

Answer to Question 1:I do have option 150 setup in CUCM as it being the TFTP server.

Answer to Question 2: I do. Here's an example:

PatternSort Descending Description Partition Route  Filter Associated Device Copy
9.611Bellsouth Line SupportUITSPartition10.1.1.1Copy
91[2-9]XX[2-9]XXXXXXLong DistanceUITSPartition10.1.1.1Copy
[2-9]11Service Numbers10.1.1.1Copy
[2-9]XX[2-9]XXXXXX10-Digit Dialing

Answer to Question 3:

See attachment

Re: Can't make Outbound calls CUCM 7.1 and other issues

sorry for responding so late i have been out. The configs look ok as far as i can see so I am wondering if there is something with your NAT that is inhibiting the process. If you have a spare router that would be an easy way to test your config with no NAT configured to verify simple operation.

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