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Can't receive calls on 7940

Hi There,

I'm trying to configure a 7940 as a SIP Client using Vbuzzer SP.

SIP Provider ( <-----> ( NAT Router ( <------> ( 7940

When I use firmware P0S3-8-2-00, I can get inbound calls, but outbound calls will drop within seconds.

When I use any other firmware (e.g. P0S3-8-12-00), I can NOT get inbound calls, but outbound calls works fine.

I'm using the same files when loading the configs (SIPDefault.cnf and SIP0015F9270D99.cnf), but I could not get both inbound and outbound calls to work on the same firmware. I've telneted to the phone and with debug on, while receiving a call and I could see messages coming in:


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Re: Can't receive calls on 7940

After a bit of troubleshooting (telnet to the phone and debug)... I noticed SIP Messages had @[private address of phone] an not Public IP address of the WAN router. So I've changed:

     nat_address: ""         ; WAN IP address of NAT box (dotted IP or DNS A record only)


     nat_address: ""         ;  IP address of 7940 (dotted IP or DNS A record only)

Works perfectly now! Inbound and Outbound calls on P0S3-8-12-00.

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HiThank you. I just resolved


Thank you. I just resolved my incoming calls issue on Cisco 7940 which was sending "404 not found" when public IP-ADD was configured in nat_adress. I was scratching my head since a week, even my SIP Provider wasn't able to help.

I have now changed it to Private LAN IP-ADD and now it works like charm.

Thanks a ton.



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