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Can't record voicemail prompts or voicemail

Hello everyone!

We're having an interesting problem with our CUE module in a UC560.  The UC is running IOS 15.1-4 and CME 8.6.

The issue we are having is that when callers reach a users voicemail box and leave a message after the tone, nothing is recorded.  The same thing occurs when a user attempts to record their voicemail greeting in the system.  I have tested and confirmed that new auto-attendant prompts can be recorded without issue so the issue appears to be only voicemail related.

I've never run into this sort of thing before so I'm at a bit of a loss.  The only thing I have thought to try would be to reinstall the CUE software on the module but wanted to post here before I took that step.

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It sounds like a one-way

It sounds like a one-way routing issue.  Try logging into the CUE module CLI and see if you can ping the phone IP addresses.

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