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can't transfer a call

I am able to dial a 4 digit transformation pattern that will call a 7 digit number.

I can call the 7 digit number.

I can not transfer the call to the number. So the switchboard cannot transfer callers to this number.

If I set my phone to forward all calls to this four digit number, the number is forwarded without error.

It is only when using the transfer option that it fails from any phone, not just the switchboard.

I also cannot transfer to the number by dialing, 9 + 7 digits.

Using Call Manager

Cisco Employee

can't transfer a call

can you be more specific with the call flow?


Vipul Jindal

can't transfer a call

Hi Steve,

Could you see what is the setting for the below parameters in the IP Phone.

- Maximum Number of Calls

You can configure up to 200 calls for a line on a device, with the  limiting factor being the total number of calls that are configured on  the device. As you configure the number of calls for one line, the calls  that are available for another line decrease.

The default specifies 4. If the phone does not allow multiple calls for each line, the default specifies 2.

- Busy Trigger

This setting, which works in conjunction with Maximum Number of Calls  and Call Forward Busy, determines the maximum number of calls to be  presented at the line. If maximum number of calls is set for 50 and the  busy trigger is set to 40, incoming call 41 gets rejected with a busy  cause (and will get forwarded if Call Forward Busy is set). If this line  is shared, all the lines must be busy before incoming calls get  rejected.

Use this field in conjunction with Maximum Number of Calls for CTI route points. The default specifies 4500 calls.



New Member

can't transfer a call

By chance, are you using a transformation pattern or a translation pattern to convert your 4 digit number to a 7 digit number?


New Member

Re: can't transfer a call

I have used both a DN to transfer the calls and a transformation pattern.

Recently the problem is the calls do not transfer 100% of the time with a supervised transfer. The third party being transferred to picks up for two seconds and drops or is dead air. You can see the number being transferred to on the display.

The call being transferred does not get dropped you just have to try transferring again. Second try usually works.

In a two hour window we had 31 calls and 2 of them had to be transferred twice.

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Re:can't transfer a call

What calling search space do you have under your extension and what calling search space do you have under the call forward all? If your call forward all works than maybe it's an call routing issue.


HTH Regards, Yosh
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