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Can the DMA tool be run on a subscriber / BARS Issue

Hello all,

We were about to begin a migration from some old servers running 4.02 to 5.1(2)

We did a backup of the publisher and got the Blue Screen of death. After a few tries we got the publisher up again but it is still not running correctly (we think it is a bad array controller, no smartnet though)

When we run DMA on it, it says that BARS is still running. I cannot access the bars web page, so i try the Cancel backup program in the bars menu but that just hang.

Any way to clear the flag saying the backup is running without the webpage?

if not, can that DMA be run from a subscriber?


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Re: Can the DMA tool be run on a subscriber / BARS Issue

Hi Ken,

Sounds sketchy :(

You must install and run DMA on the Cisco Unified CallManager publisher server before you upgrade to Cisco Unified CallManager 5.x or 6.x

Problem: Cisco CallManager User Cannot Upgrade, Install, or Un-install BARS

The Cisco CallManager user cannot upgrade, install or un-install BARS. The user receives this error message:

BARS can not be upgraded/uninstalled because it is in the middle of a BACKUP/RESTORE operationSolution

This problem can occur due to a failed backup, or there can actually be a backup in progress. If you are certain there is not a backup in progress and the system is still stuck, use this workaround:

Complete these steps on the Cisco CallManager server:

Make a backup of the registry. Ensure that Cisco Security Agent (CSA) and all antivirus software is disabled.

Change the \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems\BARS\information\AppStatus registry key value from BACKUP to IDLE.

If this procedure does not stop the BARS activity, remove the registry entry \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems\BARS\Information\Appversion = X.0.X000. Reboot the Cisco CallManager only after you have removed this registry value (if it is not present in Add/Remove Programs) and then try to install BARS.

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Can the DMA tool be run on a subscriber / BARS Issue

thanks Rob!!

I am trying it now :)

will update on how it all works out

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