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Can we change the volume (decibel) level of the outbound calls


The main office has CCM 5.1.3

The branch office has Avaya PBX.

The avaya phone system is added as a H.323 gateway in the CCM and both the phone systems are integrated using H.323.

Everything is working fine except that the branch office users are complaining that the volume(decibel) level of the call is very low.

Is there a setting on the CCM to tweak the volume level of the call outbound a H.323 gateway?

Thanks in Advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: Can we change the volume (decibel) level of the outbound cal


You can use the following command on voice ports that receive external calls:


Router(config-voiceport)#input gain ?

<-6 - 14> gain in db

The ? value is greater than 0 (0 is the default, the measurement is in decibels. The range of values for input gain is -6 -> 14dB). I would recommend that you start with a 2 dB increase. You should notice an immediate change in the volume of the call. Be aware that increasing this value can introduce some echo, so you might need to test.

Also there is this command:

Router(config-voiceport)#output attenuation ?

<-6 - 14> attenuation in db

As far as I know there is no parameter on the CUCM to incease the volume of a call.

Hope this helps! :)

Regards, Tere. If you find this post helpful, please rate! :)
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