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Can we have 2 Operator Extensions for BACD-CME

Hi there,

I am implementing an auto attendant for one of our clients and they have 8 telephone lines-FXO (4 lines dedicated for the men's dept. and 4 for the ladies dept.)

I have created 8 AutoAttendant Scripts with 8 Pilot No.'s matching the 8 telephone numbers for users who call in, this is working fine and the user can call into the router and he gets matching to a dial-peer with the incoming called-number which triggers the auto attendant script.

Now, the problem is, there are 2 problems actually:

1) The client wants that when someone calls a number that is dedicated to the ladies, the call should go to the auto attendant (which is easy since i have an auto attendant script for each telephone line), now the part I cannot get to work is that when this user dials 0 for the operator he should be transfered to an ephone-hunt group with the operator extensions for the ladies  (say 2002, 2003) and not to the operator hunt group with the extensions for the gents (say 2010, 2011).

So what I did was I created two service queues one for the ladies "qladies" and one for the men "qmen", and for the Auto Attendant script for the mens lines I sent them to the qmen (ephone-hunt 10, pilot 5555, list 2010 2011) and for the ladies lines I sent them to the qladies (ephone-hunt 9, pilot 6666, list 2002 2003).

But now whenever the user dials a 0 irrespective of whichever line he dials to (ladies or men) and whichever script he triggers (aa for ladies or men lines), the 0 options always diverts the call to the ephone-hunt 10 although the qladies mentions to divert it to ephone-hunt 9 and I understand this problem is because by default the BACD AA system takes the last ephone-hunt group as the operator hunt group by default.

Is there anyway I could overide this behaviour to achieve what I want to achieve.....?, please help

2) The client wants that when someone dials a ladies telephone line, the user shoud only only be able to dial the ladies extensions and not the mens extensions (should give him a message "you have dialed an incorrect extension" if a call on the ladies line is trying to reach and a male extension or vice-versa....)

Please find attached the configration regarding issue 1 above and please help me if this is possible.

Thank you.


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Re: Can we have 2 Operator Extensions for BACD-CME

The standard B-ACD/AA only does whet is described in documentation, and some more undocumented things. But I'm afraid it can't do what you want.

If you want something different, you can have modifications made. I did made many already available at

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