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Can you send mwi to a huntgroup.

We have a customer who has a several of huntgroups, each huntgroup has assigned a ddi to ring two different extentions at the same time (one cisco ip phone and one analogue). In tern if the user isn't there this then goes to a third party voicemail server which then translates either extention within the huntgroup to the mailbox number.

When the voicemail server tries to pass mwi information back to the phone this doesn't work. Is this possible via the huntgroup?

The customer is running ccm 4.1.3.



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Re: Can you send mwi to a huntgroup.

Hi Marc,

Most VM Systems are not smart enough to ever do this. What most people do is have the actual Mailbox setup on one of the user phones and do the reverse translation of what you have done. Here is an example;

Huntgroup DN = 7000

Member Extensions = 5560 and 5571

Mailbox on = 5560

When call routes through and is unanswered it flows to VM Pilot number as 7000.

Set up 7000 as an Alternate Extension on 5560 or on some systems setup a special "Transfer Mailbox" that translates 7000 to 5560. Then the MWI will show up on 5560.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Can you send mwi to a huntgroup.

Are you using Unity for voicemail? If so, you can add extensions within Unity for the MWI.

Example of how we have it setup:

CTI Route Point = ext 451, the DN has a voicemail profile selected (the same one everyone in that office uses). This DN is forwarded to ext 452 which is actually the Hunt Group Pilot DN.

The Hunt Group Pilot DN is set to go to the Voice Mail Pilot number on no answer. Unity will see the Calling Party as 451 and route to the corresponding voice mail account. On the voice mail account for 451, select "Messages" in the left pane. It is there where the MWI extension can be set. We set the MWI extensions for anyone that is a member of the hunt group for 452. The downside is remembering to add/delete extensions if you have high turnover for folks in these positions.

Hope this helps.

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