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New Member

cannot change ringtones

I have a cucm ver 7.0

7941's are being deployed throughout. htere are over 100 phones. all except 2 people can change their native ringtones.

On the ones I cannot change all i get is chirp 1 and chirp 2.

I cannot get the list of the ringtones.

I have checked that the phone allows settings to be changed. Is there anythign else I should check?

New Member

Re: cannot change ringtones

Have you tried taking those 2 phones that can't see the ringtones and plugging them into the same port that a phone that can see the ring tones is plugged in?

I had this happen to me on a 7911 and once i plugged it into a port where the original phone that was plugged in could see the ring tones all the ring tones came up.

I then plugged it back into its original spot and it was working

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