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Cannot hear MOH on CCME with softphones


I'm using CCME4.0 on a 2691.

I've already configured the music on hold in the telephony service.

But I can't hear the music. I hear two beeps only.

What would be the reason that I can't e hear the music(.au format)?

Can you give me more infos about the multicast adress? I don't know how to use it.

I'm using IPCommunicator for client.

Thank you very much.


Re: Cannot hear MOH on CCME with softphones

What does the PSTN side hear, beeping or dead silence?

Verify the MOH file : G.711 audio file(.au) format with 8-bit, mu-law, and 8KHz encoding.

For mulitcasting you need to use the ip address in the range


Re: Cannot hear MOH on CCME with softphones

One thing is that if you have a voice vlan in place and MOH is working on IP Phones on the Voice VLAN but not on IP Coumminicator which resides on the Data VLAN then the Data VLAN is probably not recieving mulicast MOH for some reason.

1. Does the MOH Router have one ethernet address in the Voice VLAN only or does it have an additional ethernet address in the Data VLAN also? If it has a Data VLAN IP address make sure you have both IP address listed in the MOH Multicast command.

2. If you only have one ethernet IP address in the Voice Subnet then make sure you have Multicast Routing between VLANS setup properly.

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