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Cannot install Subscriber when installing UCM 7.1(5b) cluster on VMware for Jump Upgrade


I have a customer who has a CUCM 7.1(5b) cluster comprising two servers running on MCS hardware.

They want to move to UCM 9.1 and I am trying to follow the Jump Upgrade procedure.

I have built a replica of the Publisher and that worked ok (I had to edit the config to use an E1000 network adapter under VMware) but when I try to add the Subscriber I get a message:


Configuration validation with XXX-XXXXX-UCM01 failed.

Configured deployment connection does not match the deployment at XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

Is XXX-XXXXX-UCM01 the correct first node for this node?


I am certain that I have entered the correct details in ccmadmin to add the Subscriber to the cluster. The security password is definitely correct as, if I change it, I get a cannot connect message.

The only thing that I can think of that may be causing this is that I have not installed a license on the CUCM Pub but I do not think this should stop me adding the Subscriber to the cluster - I thought it just stopped me activating the CallManager service.

Any suggestions welcome as I am at a loss.

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I have just checked the

I have just checked the license page and it says that I have 3 node licenses (and 150 DLUs) so it cannot be a licensing issue.

Have you tried rebooting the

Have you tried rebooting the publisher once?

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It could be a few things -

It could be a few things - NTP reachable? possibly licensing as well.

Question - if you're doing this in a lab, to DRS back into production later - I typically note the CUCM Groups, and delete the subcribers and manually add them when back in production on the new version.


edit: if you can convince them to go 10 - then you can use prime collaboration deployment to do this migration.

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