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New Member

Cannot reach voice mail


I have recently installed an AIM-CUE 2 module on my 2811 router. I have set everything up on the unity express and the callmanager 8.5 that I have. When I try to call the voice mail directory number (599) or hit the message button on cisco ip phone  I get the message "your call cannot be completed as dialed" . I have checked the voice pilot number at the callmanager and the call in numbers att the cisco unity and they match. What else should I check? Is it maybe a routing problem? 

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New Member

Re: Cannot reach voice mail

I am Sorry to repeat myself but lets see if i can be of more help - please bear in mind that I am running cucm 7. You will need to work out how to do it in cume.

The following will make up key components setting up the VM system:

1) A Voicemail pilot number needs to be setup in CUE- Configure it - i suggest dont use 999, but instead use 599.

Tip - in cucm there is a configuration parameter called: Make this the default Voice Mail Pilot for the system

2) Create any number (perhaps 10) ports in cue - these are called voicemail ports - when you create them, assign each one a directory number - learn how to configure voicemail ports in cue. it would better if you can choose 10 consecutive telephone extensions. they do not have to to DID.

3) Create a Line Group configured to contain the above created ports, name it for example: Cisco Unity Express Line Group. This means that you can have perhaps up to 10 people dialling voicemail at once.

If only one is configured - or at this point zero - this may be the reason why you get the busy tone when you press the msgs softkey. Only You will know how many concurrent user access to voicemail will be needed. you may need 25, you may need 5; adjust the number of ports accordingly. Perhaps you can test with only 2.

These added Directory numbers do not need a voicemail profile (detailed later on), as they are simply used to setup calls between the end user and the cue system

3) You must create a Hunt Group and configure the hunt group to contain the line group named Cisco unity express line group.

4) Create a Hunt Pilot for the same telephone voicemail pilot number (599) - Give this access to be able to call all internal users.

5) From within class of control: Create a partition with a name: part-cue

6) From within class of control: Create a Calling Search space with a name e.g. css-cue

7) Add the part-cue partition to the calling search space

8) Create a Voicemail profile. Inside this, add the voicemail pilot number 599. Give it a name along the lines of: VM-profile-cue

9) Go back to the voicemail port telephone directory numbers and configure them each with the calling search space above

10) Go to each user directory number that wants to use the voicemail system and configure the voicemail profile parameter to VM-profile-cue

I reckon you should now have 10 calls working simultaneously to the voicemail system.

personally, i am learning for the ccna voice at the moment - but i administer cucm 7 day to day - so please forgive me for my lack of step by step explicit instructions with cume. I AM LOOKING FOR HELP FOR PEOPLE TO ELABORATE/INSPECT THIS AND PLEASE give further guidance ????

how do you integrate cisco unity express with cume from the unity express side anyone?


Cannot reach voice mail


Have you configured your voice mail pilot dial-peer? Below is a link that might be helpfull.



HTH Regards, Yosh
New Member

Cannot reach voice mail

I configured a dial-peer as follow :

dial-peer voice 999 voip

description CUE pilot number

destination-pattern 99.

session target ipv4:

My voicemail  number is 999 and my aim-cue has ip address.

Still, when I call 999 from my ip phone,I get the message "your call cannot be completed as dialed" .I get this message on the second digit I dial ... that's strange.

Do I need to configure something else on the cucm ?


Cannot reach voice mail


Are you integrating CUE with CUCM or CUCME?


Ronak patel

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New Member

Cannot reach voice mail

With cucm


Cannot reach voice mail


See below configuration guide. This guide gives you step by step procedure.

Note :- You need dialpeer only if SRST is required. Normal calls do not use router configuration.


Ronak patel

Regards Ronak Patel Rate all helpful post by clicking stars below the answer.
New Member

Cannot reach voice mail

I have followed that guide step by step.

It just do not let me dial the voice mail number .

It seems to me that it can route the number to the aim-cue but I can't figure it out.

New Member

Cannot reach voice mail

sorry it seen not to route the number

New Member

Re: Cannot reach voice mail

Do your Dial-peers overlap with any other configuration? That means, do you dial 9 for an external line for example.

Also, just to clear up-

1) Have you configured a CTI route point with the DN 999

2) Are the telephones part of a partition/calling search space that allows access to the 999 number?

3) Is your voicemail number 599 as stated in the original post - or 999 (99.) as configured in your dial peer.

4) Remember that a Dial peer is existant and required for all "Call legs" of a phone call - is there dial peer configured on the other side? - and is the dial-peer configured for inbound and outbound?

If you could tell us more about the setup you have - then perhaps that would be handy?

Just to clear up this scenario -you are trying to call CUE from an internal IP phone right?

Can you please elaborate further on these 4 points?

apologies for the request for a mass of information - but it will definately help you on your way.

New Member

Re: Cannot reach voice mail

Yes I'm trying to call cue from ip phone.

1) no the cti route point have a different number than the voicemail . Should it be the same .

2) I do not have any partitions or CSS at all.

3) yes the dn number of the voicemail is 999 and the same is on the dial peer .

4) what do you mean the other side ? I have configured a dial peer only for the voicemail on the gateway .

I'm not so experienced in dial peers . So please coul you explain ? Or do I need to show you my gateway configuration ?