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Cant create sccp ccm group after enabling dspfarm

2621xm router with HD-V in slot 1. In the HD-V is a VWIC-MFT-T1 and 4 PVDM-12s. I have configured the T1 as a PRI and have turned up only 3 channels.

If do nothing to the voice card, I have the sccp ccm group command available to me to create the ccm group.

However, if I configure the voice card with dsp services dspfarm, I lose the ability to create a ccm group. After that, the only options is sccp ccm hostname.

Any help?



Re: Cant create sccp ccm group after enabling dspfarm

Here is an example config for Xcode and Conf in the router:

voice-card 0

no dspfarm

dsp services dspfarm



sccp local GigabitEthernet0/0

sccp ccm 10.X.X.X identifier 1 version 4.1 sccp !

sccp ccm group 1

bind interface GigabitEthernet0/0

associate ccm 1 priority 1

associate profile 2 register HW_XCODE

associate profile 1 register HW_CONF

audio dscp ef


dspfarm profile 2 transcode

codec g711ulaw

codec g711alaw

codec g729ar8

codec g729abr8

codec g729r8

maximum sessions 2

associate application SCCP


dspfarm profile 1 conference

codec g711ulaw

codec g711alaw

codec g729ar8

codec g729abr8

codec g729r8

codec g729br8

maximum sessions 2

associate application SCCP


Now for CCM 5.x You need to choose "Cisco IOS Enhanced Conferencing and

Transcoding for Voice Gateway Routers" as per this link:


Community Member

Re: Cant create sccp ccm group after enabling dspfarm

This config does not work. As soon as I enter no dspfarm under voice-card 1, it takes me back to global config mode. I then re-enter voice-card and add dsp services dspfarm and then try and add a sccp ccm group and I get the same results....sccp ccm group is not an available command

As is apparent, I am not strong in dspfarms, dsp services, etc. Anyone know of a good resource that lays it out to include an explanation of what the commands do?



Re: Cant create sccp ccm group after enabling dspfarm

Ok, here are few things to know

Enabling DSP sharing,


To enable dsp sharing, you must configure at least one voice card to export its DSPs.

DSP sharing is enable with "dspfarm" command in voice-card configuration.

GW_2811#config terminal

GW_2811(config) #network-clock-participate wic 2

GW_2811(config) #network-clock-participate slot 1

GW_2811(config) #voice-card 0

GW_2811(config-voicecard) #dspfarm

GW_2811(config-voicecard) #end


Configuring Transcoding and Conferencing (C549)

To configure transcoding and conferencing on an NM-HDV, follow these steps:

1 . Set the interface used for Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP).

Gateway(config) #sccp local interface

The IP address of the configured interface is used to register with CallManager. For C549 DSPs,

the MAC address of the physical interface is used for the device name. Transcoders will use

the device name MTPxxxxxxxxxxxx, and Conference bridges will use the device name

CFBxxxxxxxxxxxx, where xxxxxxxxxxxx is the MAC address.

2. Configure the CallManager address.

Gateway(config) #sccp ccm ipaddr [priority priority-level]

The default priority level is 1. You can configure up to three redundant CallManagers by using

the priority option.

3. Enable SCCP.

Gateway(config) #sccp

You must set the sccp local interface before you enter the command. When you enter the

command, the gateway initiates the registration process with CallManager.

4. Configure the voice card to support transcoding and conferencing.

Gateway(config-voicecard) #dsp services dspfarm

5. Set the number of transcoder and conference sessions.

Gateway(config) #dspfarm transcoder maximum sessions number

Gateway(config) #dspfarm confbridge maximum sessions number

6. Enable DSP farming.

Gateway(config) #dspfarm

7. Configure the transcoder and conference bridge resources in CallManager.

After you complete these steps, the gateway attempts to register with the configured CallManager

using a device ID of the interface MAC address preceded by “MTP” for a transcoder resource and

“CFB” for a conference resource.

Re: Cant create sccp ccm group after enabling dspfarm

You reminded me of Enhanced configs with SCCP in 5.x and later... saved me!

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