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Carving out two channels of PRI

With CCM 4.x with gateways running MGCP, is there a way in CCM to carve out two channels off the PRI and dedicate those to their own route group? I tried to simply do it by creating seperate route groups of same PRI. But in customer config, channels are not broken out (only shows single PRI under devices as opposed to each channel off the PRI.

thanks in advance,

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Re: Carving out two channels of PRI

Hi Daniel,

BRRRRRRRRR!! -28 (with the wind chill today). Hope you are warmer and doing well!

This type of splitting off of the two "B-Channels" out of a PRI won't work sadly. As you know a PRI is more or less an "all in one" Unit consisting of 23B + 1D (Signalling Channel). When calls are directed to a PRI they select the next free B-Channel in line in either a Top Down or Bottom Up order depending on how they are configured. No way to Carve these out in any way:(

If you let us know what you are trying to accomplish maybe someone here can help.

Take care my friend!


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Re: Carving out two channels of PRI

HI Rob. Don't mean to rub it in, but a cold day here is 65 or so. Hey at least you get some "snow days" off lol.

In my scenario were installing a CER server. We have our own NENA ID and will be importing our info into the ALI database. But ALI provider specificially requires that two channels off a PRI be dedicated for 911 calls. They are going to go as far as test and make sure that one of the two channels are used every time a 911 call is placed. They reference a PBX in instructions, so hopefully they will "relax" on this once they knwo their dealing with a Cisco CCM that can't break out the channels.

As always, I appreciate the quick feedback. I'll let you know how this plays out.

Best Regards,


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