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CAS and Caller ID


I have a site that is using a CAS circuit and the outbound caller ID works as it should with the correct number in the Calling Party Transformation Mask in the Route Pattern.

I have a second site in the same area that goes through site 1 for local calls. I cannot get the out bound caller ID to show the correct number. It will only show the sites number that has the CAS circuit installed even though I have it set correctly Calling Party Transformation Mask.

Is this issue from using a CAS and is there a fix?


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Re: CAS and Caller ID


You have to check with you telco if they allow presenting a number that does not belong the the installed circuit. Chances are, they do not.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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Re: CAS and Caller ID

Below is the reply from the Telco:

It can't be done the way the services are built in the switch. The only way it can be done is to separate trunk groups and reassigned the different ranges to each group. You currently have 12 trunks .. you could separate those trunks to 6 in one place and 6 in the other. The other option is to change the services to PRI-ISDN services.

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Re: CAS and Caller ID

I totally agree with Telco reply. Both options are supported by the cisco kit, of course ISDN PRI would give you much more features and ease of configuration.

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