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Cat 3560 PoE switch

Just migrated my network to Catalyst 3560 to cater for the future IP Tel infrastructure, the PC's connection were fine connecting to the new switch.

But there are a number of print server that are "dead" after connecting to the switch. (those print server can't be used anymore)

Anyone has these experience before?


Re: Cat 3560 PoE switch

1. When you connect the print server to the port, do you get a link light ?

2. Is the print server in the same vlan as the PC ?

3. Can you paste a PC port and Print server port config ?

New Member

Re: Cat 3560 PoE switch

1. yes, but it just for a while..

2. its the same vlan (data vlan)

3. the config is just

switch acc vlan 21

spanning-tree portfast

New Member

Re: Cat 3560 PoE switch

have you tried setting up the speed of the NICE on the server to auto?? o maybe 10 half , and set the port on the switch to 10 half , we had the same issue and that solved the issue.

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