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Catalog name problem

I used CM 5.1, 7940 and 7911 ip phones. I install russian user locale. All works fine. I can see menu on russian, russian names...

I can use Corporate directory search on rusian, but only in 7911 ip phone.

In 7940 russian directory names seems - "?????????? ?????? ?"

I can see all information on 7940 in russian, but I can not use corporate directory search - becouse I see "????" insted russian names ...

I use this firmware cmterm-7940-7960-sccp.8-0-6.cop

in 7911 all works fine, I can see russian names in directory search...

what should I do to solve problem?

Thanx all...


Re: Catalog name problem

Try this Bug CSCsc86575

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Re: Catalog name problem

You are wrong.

Thi is bug CSCsi78519.

Directory search by name from 7960/40/11 on CM 5.x with Russian locale


Corporate directory search by name on some old phones 7960/40/11 configured with

russian locale on CM 5.x does not work. It returns empty list, even if name name

exist in directory.


CM 5.x

7960/40/11 phone

Russian locale configured

Directory integration type does not matter


no workaround

Further Problem Description

search by directory number is working.

I on nifiga ne reshen.

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Re: Catalog name problem

Yes!!! It is absolutly true...

In call manager 6.0 this problem still...

do sih por ...

But 7911 - is new phone - java based phone. This phone does not have this problem.

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Re: Catalog name problem

Fixed in

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Catalog name problem

I'm expiriencing the same problems in

Anybody knows how this can be fixed?

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